About Club

Everyone has their own brightest memories. Moments that it would be nice to go through again. But we blindly confident that it's impossible ....

Today! With irreversible desire to return the highlights, change the past for the better and give a new, pleasant and unforgettable emotions, Party Bar Heaven opens its doors! Are you ready to feel the full palette of bright colors? In the renewed Heaven you can safely expect that all of the best nightlife emotions you will feel like the first time, because in Heaven, everything is possible!

Preserving the best traditions of the Heaven club, there is quality modern sound of House music! Guest artists from around the world and DJ resident who managed to prove itself in the most elite clubs of the capital.

Incredible atmosphere, exclusive and fully renovated Heaven  interior will give each guest the opportunity to find their own personal area, which does not want to leave until the first rays of the morning sun.

The new Heaven you a fine dining menu, in which you will find dishes from around the world. The unique combination of ingredients and spices, exclusive, design registration, combined with professional service and service at the highest level, will leave satisfied even the most demanding gourmet.

Here you can enjoy our exotic hookah with different flavors.

If you have never go to heaven, but now it can be fixed in a matter of a night! Find your place in the Heaven only once and you'll want to stay here forever!